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FindCoco.com Help

FindCoco.com is a community based website designed to help keep your household pets safe. It's a very easy website to use and navigate, and is entirely free to register up to 8 pets. Our website is mobile friendly, which means we've designed web pages that will be easy to view and interact with, whether you're on a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device, or mobile phone.

Our map features are built on Google Maps, the best mapping platform around.

This Q & A section is intended to answer most of the common questions we receive. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please send us an email at info@findcoco.com, or use our handy form found here.

Q & A

What is FindCoco.com?

FindCoco.com is a community-based website that forms a network of households that have committed to help search for your pet if it has gone missing. If your pet has gone missing, you can submit an alert on our website, and all registered users within a 10 mile radius will get notified immediately via text message and/or email to help comb the area.

Does it cost money to register?

No. You can register up to 8 pets for free. If one day a pet goes missing and you want to send an alert, there is a service charge of $25 to do so (via PayPal), but you will be able to send additional messages to members in your area for free until your pet is found, or until your alert is canceled.

Do FindCoco.com employees help search for your pet?

No. Our goal is to provide an effective way to notify other households in your area so they will head outside and help you search.

Does FindCoco.com make phone calls during an alert to help find your pet?

No. The cell phone numbers we collect from registered users are used to send text messages, not make actual phone calls.

Can I offer a reward to whoever finds my missing pet?

Yes. When you declare an alert, you will be prompted to enter a dollar amount to offer as a reward. That dollar amount will be mentioned on the alert that goes out to registered members in your area. However, we don't collect the reward dollars, or in any way get involved with distributing that money to the other party. You will pay that person directly when they hand you your missing pet.

What happens when I declare an alert?

Declaring an alert triggers the following sequence of events:

  • On the Declare an Alert page, you will select which pet has gone missing and answer a few questions about the circumstances of how and when your pet went missing. Since you previously entered most of the pertinent information about each of your pets, you won't need to enter all of that again during this stressful situation.
  • Next, the web-page redirects you to PayPal's payment page. You complete the payment info there to pay the $25 service fee. Then, you are redirected back to findcoco.com automatically, and a message displays that confirms the alert has been sent to all members in your area (within a 10 mile radius).
  • At that point you should join the search party.
  • You can send updated messages and words of encouragement to the search party at any time during an alert. As with the original alert, subsequent messages will go out immediately via text message and/or email.
  • Once your pet is found, you must cancel the alert using the same message system. This sends one final message to the search party letting them know.
Are there any guarantees your missing pet will be found?

Unfortunately not. But we believe there's nothing like the comradery and compassion found in a community of pet lovers. Reacting quickly and declaring an alert as soon as you realize your pet is missing is key, and the more registered members in your area, the larger your search party and the better the odds your pet will be found. Spread the word, and encourage all your neighbors to register.